Sambo Coaching and Ranking

Ranking System

A competitive ranking system and an examination ranking system is available to progress in Sambo, this system was ratified in 2014 at the FIAS international congress.

The examination itself includes competitive accomplishment as well as technical demonstration of knowledge. Higher level exams must be supervised by independent judges from a national Sambo association. For a rating to be recognized, it must be registered with the national Sambo organization. Sambo Australia is the FIAS appointed national Sambo organisation for Australia.

If you are interested in progression in Sambo rank please make contact.

Coaching Courses

Coaches courses for Sambo are available. Once completed the coaches course allows you to introduce Sambo into your clubs curriculum or begin a new club yourself. Certain minimum criteria is required before entering a coaches course and further requirements to maintain coaching qualifications, please contact us for any enquiries so we may help you.

Sambo Australia Level 1 Accredited Coaches:

New South Wales:

Mohan Bam

Vladimir Robert Belonogoff

Andrew Paul Bennett

Luke Francis Beston

Neil Donald Brown

Adam William Caddies

Gavin Dickson

Luke William Dixon

James Michael Douglass

Kylie Koenig

Gavin Kulper

Ernest Lapornik

Ioannis Milatos

Kyle David Montgomery

Terry Riches

Andrew Joseph Roberts

Benjamin John Thomas

Lany Wayne Thompson

Adam Vakulin

Matthew David Walsh

Terry Roderick Williams


Kelly Denis

Andrew Devitt

Hugh Doherty

Jadranko Jusufagic

Phillip Lai

Benjamin Lvovsky

Jay Okey

Thomas David Ruderman


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