Welcome to Sambo Australia


Sambo Australia is the official FIAS representative for sambo in Australia.

FIAS is the World governing body for Sambo.


Sambo is an international style of wrestling and stands amongst the other international styles such as Olympic Freestyle, Greco and Judo.

Sambo is a system of self defence developed in early 20th century in Russia and the former Soviet Union for use by their civilian, military and police forces.

Sambo is a popular sport in Eastern Europe and Asia and is growing in popularity in Australia.

Sambo Australia’s mandate from FIAS is to develop the sport of Sambo in Australia.

All Australians are welcome to participate in our tournaments and events.


Email:  samboaustralia@gmail.com

Address: Sambo Australia

PO Box 6458

Baulkham Hills BC NSW 2153

Telephone:  0419 447 124


Posted July 20, 2011 by auspankration